Homeopathy as adjunctive (complementary) care in cancer

Homeopathy can be a very helpful addition to conventional cancer care,  with the ability to reduce side effects of conventional treatments and improve overall health and functioning. Dr. Johnson has helped many in this regard. However, please note that Dr. Johnson does not offer primary treatment of cancer - he helps people only within the context of receiving conventional medical care. 

New study demonstrates marked improvement 

recently published study has shown remarkable improvement from the use of homeopathy as a complementary therapy in late stage cancer. The phase III, randomized, controlled trial, conducted at the Medical University of Vienna (Austria) and published in the December 2020 edition of The Oncologist, showed those who were treated with homeopathy as an adjunct to conventional oncological care, had significantly improved quality of life, improved symptom and function scores and even prolonged survival time compared to the placebo group. A third group received neither homeopathy nor placebo but simply conventional care - and this group was assessed only for survival time (not symptoms or quality of life). 

150 trial participants were divided into three groups. 

Median survival time was 228 days in the third (control) group, 257 days in the placebo group and 435 days in the homeopathic group.

The specific symptoms assessed were: fatigue, nausea/vomiting, pain, difficulty breathing, insomnia, loss of appetite, constipation and diarrhea. These were recorded at 9 and 18 weeks, with the homeopathic group rating markedly better at both points. The difference at 18 weeks was even more pronounced - with the placebo group scoring 5 times worse for insomnia, diarrhea and difficulty breathing, 4 times worse with fatigue, pain and nausea and 3-fold worse in constipation and appetite loss.

Quality of life questionnaires showed the homeopathic group with roughly double the scores of the placebo group in the areas of global health status, physical functioning, emotional functioning and social functioning. 

In sum, on every parameter measured in this study, the homeopathic group had a statistically significant advantage over the placebo group.

This study builds on earlier studies conducted by the same authors. For instance, this study, which found similar results in a larger group (373 patients) with many different types of cancers. This study did not have a placebo group, but instead simply randomized people to either receive or not receive adjunctive homeopathic care

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Homeopathy as adjunctive care in cancer
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