Homeopathy is the primary therapy used by Dr. Johnson. Why homeopathy? Quite simply because it has such amazing potential to improve health. On a daily basis Dr. Johnson hears clients express their surprise at the strength and depth of their improvements. And further, these improvements continue to grow over time - actually creating greater wellness and vitality in a long term manner. This has been demonstrated in rigorous studies. (1) (2) (3) (4) Here are several reasons homeopathy stands out:

Homeopathy is a coherent, organized, formal system of medicine with a method for individualizing therapy for each person. It has been systematically developed and refined over the past 200 years by literally hundreds of thousands of medical doctors around the world. For example, in Europe today, 45,000 medical doctors use homeopathy. (5) This means that significant resources have gone into making the system more and more reliable. And this process continues - with doctors around the world sharing their clinical experiences with each other to further strengthen the method.

This is quite different from other holistic therapies used by natural doctors today - many of which have only a few years or maybe a decade of use (and by a relatively small number of doctors). Some of these therapies can have value, but as a whole they are not nearly as consistent and time-tested as homeopathy.

Homeopathy is very safe and gentle, with side effects quite rare and almost always minor. In its over two hundred year history, being used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, there have been almost no reports of serious, irreversible adverse effects.

Most holistic therapies, such as herbal medicine and vitamin/mineral supplements are generally safe; homeopathy even more so.

Most importantly, the effects produced by taking the correct homeopathic remedy are usually quite powerful and long lasting - they actually transform the person's health, as opposed to temporarily suppressing or easing symptoms. People are routinely surprised at the changes they feel when taking the homeoapthic remedy - the results being much greater than expected. The use of homeopathy can change the trajectory of a person's health.
Why Homeopathy?
"Natural Solutions for Health"
This Cambridge-trained vetinary surgeon talks about his surprising experience with homeopathy and how he subsequently came to use it in his practice.
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