"Going to Dr. Johnson is the best health decision I have ever made. 

I had multiple medical issues, and had been to traditional doctors throughout the area locally and some that were long distance.  Between different diagnosis, different medications, several different doctors, and no results I was left frustrated and disappointed.  Traditional medicine didn't fully help me emotionally or physically. 

I decided to go another medical route and looked into naturopathic doctors.  I did a lot of searching and research for a reputable doctor in my area and found Dr. Johnson.  I wish I had done this sooner;  I would have saved a lot of money, time, and would have been much happier. 

Dr. Johnson really cares about his patients and takes time to learn about them and help them in whatever their issues are. I feel much more comfortable with him compared to any of the several traditional doctors I have seen.  Through my regular follow-ups and taking my prescribed remedies, I have never felt better.  I would recommend him to anyone!!!  Thanks Dr. Johnson!!"

--Dockery, Virginia

"I can’t thank Dr. Johnson enough. At a time when my 11-year old son was struggling with emotional issues, Dr. Johnson’s careful, tender care was instrumental in my son’s turning a corner and growing into the next phase of his childhood. Dr. Johnson has helped my son tremendously.

He worked with us tirelessly when no one knew quite what was causing my son's difficulties which had him out of school and quite miserable.

Dr. Johnson has treated both physical and emotional issues to great effect. Later, Dr. Johnson helped him through a rash of ear infections and allergies.

My son is now healthy, loving his school, and acting like a normal 13 year old, with all the challenges and rewards that brings, for which we are most grateful.

Dr. J was unfailingly patient, professional, and clear in his explanations. I highly recommend him to any and everyone."


Seasonal/environmental allergies (pediatric)
My 6 year old son has been suffering with allergies for about 3 years now, and the last year they had been getting worse. Every time I went to his regular doctor, I was told to keep giving him Allegra, and they kept adding more allergy presciption medicine. It got to the point that even with all the prescription medicine he started feeling worse. I knew there was something that could help his illness, so started looking for an alternative way, instead of dosing my kid with lots of medicine. After may days of searching I found Doctor Johnson. I searched the reviews, and everyone had a possitive review. I made the appointment, and went to meet Doctor Johnson. We spent about 2 hours talking about all the symptoms my son had, there were pages of things he wanted to know. According to him, your body tells you what's lacking which makes perfect sense! He gave my son the medicine (little balls). After a week of him taking the medicine he was able to stop some of the regular medication he was on. After 2 weeks you could see 95% improvement! It was great! Even my husband who was not a believer, became a believer! He's been under Doctor Johnson's treatment for 5 months now, and he's doing wonderful! He has stopped all regular medication, and has only gotten a regular cold once. We are so happy we went to see Doctor Johnson!!! You will not regret it!

Insomnia, anxiety, back pain
"I had been suffering for quite some time of insomnia and anxiety as well as a pain in my back when I began to look around at alternative methods of healing. I knew how harmful the traditional medicine for this type of affliction could be and did not want to experience any negative side effects or chemical dependence as a result of treating my symptoms.  So, I decided to visit Dr. Christopher Johnson. 

I went for my consultation with him and he prescribed an inexpensive medicinal flower in tablet form for me to take 3 times a day. When I left his office I thought, "Well, what good is this going to do?" and that maybe I had wasted my time.  When I got home, I was feeling so miserable that I started taking the medicine as prescribed anyway, even though I had significant doubts. 

After a week I was so surprised and amazed to see how my anxiety and insomnia had simply faded away. I couldn't believe that it only took something so simple, natural, and inexpensive to take them away. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Johnson and to the realm of natural healing for restoring my quality of life."

--C Vargas

Chronic stuffy nose, recurrent respiratory infections
"I have had a chronic stuffy and runny nose for years that often resulted in at least two bronchial colds a year. I have tried traditional medicine for a cure without success. I was somewhat familiar with homeopathy, found Dr. Johnson on the Internet, and decided to meet with him to see if anything could be done. He was confident that homeopathy could help. He spent at least 2 hours with me in our first appointment and at every appointment after that for a year he made me think that I was his only patient. He was very thorough each time we met. I have had only one very minor cold in the entire 12 months under Dr. Johnson's care. I sleep peacefully through the night with a clear head. I breathe easily and have more energy. I am certain that homeopathy and Dr. Johnson will be my preferred choice in the future and I recommend him wholeheartedly."


Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
"Dr. Johnson has made a huge and very positive impact on our lives. My daughter was diagnosed with ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura) in April 2008. Her platelet level hovered just above the critical low and her hematologists thankfully adopted a wait and see approach. After some research on the Internet I discovered that homeopathy might be helpful. Enter, Dr. Johnson. I found Dr. Johnson on the internet, called his office and we discussed my daughter's situation at length. From our first visit we felt confident, hopeful and never felt rushed. Dr Johnson always took his time asking as many questions as needed to get the info necessary to assess my daughter's reaction to the remedy prescribed. At the start he told us this type of condition would take time to improve. He was right, in just under 1 year my daughter's platelets went from dangerously low to normal. Dr. Johnson is professional, caring and in this mother's opinion BRILLIANT. He has given me confidence to rely on homeopathy for the future."

--Springfield, VA

Gastro-esophageal reflux disease
"Dr. Johnson saved me from a lifetime ingesting a popular PPI.  After taking an osteoporosis medication I developed esophageal spasms forcing me to avoid all acidic foods and beverages as I would have breakthrough symptoms even while taking the prescription medication.  I read that a Naturopath could possibly help, so I googled and found Dr. Johnson. 

After 14 months of seeing him every 4-6 weeks and religiously taking the prescribed remedy I can eat or drink anything I care to without any spasming.  I haven't taken any of the prescription medication for over a year and rarely take (maybe twice a month) any Tums or Maalox. I also feel better overall, no recurring sinus infections to which I was prone and my back pain subsided.   

At every visit Dr. Johnson was prompt, professional, and attentive to every detail.  His calm demeanor put me at ease immediately.  With my permission he was in contact with my general practitioner and my gastroenterologist.  I'll go to him for anything else that comes along and I highly recommend him for anything that might ail you."


Thorough initial appointment
"My first appointment with Dr. Johnson lasted three hours. That is what I call a thorough intake. Upon completion of our meeting, I felt very well taken care of. I found him to be knowledgeable, empathetic and patient and have full trust that he will see me through my health concerns. I recommend him highly to my friends and share his cards and literature with customers from both of my jobs."

--Alexandria, VA

Hepatitis C
"In the search for treatment of a chronic medical problem – chronic Hepatitis C infection - where I have been equal parts open and skeptical, a bewildering and oftentimes discouraging array of modalities have come my way.  I have been one to fall through the cracks, as there is no standard cure for my affliction.  Doctors in the allopathic realm wrote me off a long time ago. 

When I showed up on Dr. Johnson's doorstep, I was depleted, feisty, and almost ready to give up.  Dr. Johnson was very patient and thorough, has stayed diligent with me throughout, and really cares.  I've seen continued improvement and feel more confident about returning to a normal, vibrant life. 

This speaks to both his character and the practice - which I would recommend to anybody - but also to the need especially of homeopathy in treatment protocols.  Actually, as things are going now, I would consider it as a viable first offering for anything else that came up in the future. 

This is not "turnstile" medicine, but of a discerning, interesting, and individualized approach that is well worth the effort.  Yet, in retrospect, it couldn't be any more simple or safe.  I am very grateful to have found this way."


Ehlers-Danlos, seasonal allergies, insomnia, etc
"Dr. Johnson is the greatest! My life is so much better and in 5 years I haven't felt better! After being diagnosed with a degenerative, incurable genetic syndrome (Ehlers-Danlos Vascular Type), my health became exceedingly important. Under his thorough care, everything from sniffles, restless nights, food allergies, seasonal allergies, to horrific cramping and bleeding came to an end. I'm enjoying life more than ever and believe that you can too."


6013 Tower Court, Alexandria, VA 22304