Based on what he has learned in his own healing journey, in his interactions with others facing chronic illness and from his training and study, Dr. Johnson favors two areas of therapeutics which he considers the most effective to address illness of all types: homeopathy and nutrition. 

From 2015 to 2016 Dr. Johnson served as Editor-in-Chief of The American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine - a medical journal established in 1909. This journal is the publication of the American Institute of Homeopathy, the oldest national physicians organizaion in the US (established in 1844). Dr. Johnson is the first naturopathic doctor to serve as editor.

Dr. Johnson speaks widely on the topics of homeopathy and naturopathy: at medical conferences, colleges, hospitals, local stores, etc. He has published papers in the peer-reviewed medical literature (1)(2) and serves as a peer-reviewer for The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (the internationally preeminent holistic medical journal). He has been featured in national publications such as Natural Health Magazine and He served as Vice President of the Virginia Association of Naturopathic Physicians (VAANP) from 2009-2013. He is certified as a Master of the Institute for Human Individuality (IfHI). He holds a BA in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville.
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Christopher Johnson, ND is the founder and owner of Thrive Naturopathic. He is a graduate of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences
(SCNM), located in Tempe, Arizona. The program at SCNM is an accredited, 4-year, post-graduate education resulting in the degree Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.

The story bringing Dr. Johnson to naturopathic medicine began with his own experience of chronic illness, brought on in part by occupational exposure to toxic chemicals. Unable to find help in conventional medicine, he turned to holistic therapies such as homeopathy, nutritional and botanical supplementation as well as making dietary and lifestyle changes, to regain his health.