What to expect

The initial consultation involves an extensive interview lasting approximately 90 minutes for adults and 60-75 minutes for children and infants. This length of time is necessary to get a thorough, holistic understanding of both your condition and who you are as a human being.

Phone or Skype consultations are available and work well for those who are either out of state or unable to make it to the office for each visit.

In addition to the homeopathic remedy, Dr. Johnson may also make other naturopathic recommendations regarding diet, lifestyle, and use of nutritional/botanical supplementation.

After the initial interview, Dr. Johnson will ask you to return for a follow up appointment in approximately 3-4 weeks. This allows sufficient time for the remedy to begin working, and for Dr. Johnson to analyze the results. Clear improvement should be seen by this time - if not Dr. Johnson will adjust the remedy.

After the first follow up, appointments are scheduled approximately once per month until sufficient improvement is noted. At that time, visits can be spaced at larger intervals - e.g. 5-8 weeks. Once the complaint is fully resolved, no further appointments are needed.

Most chronic conditions require around 9-15 months of regular visits, though some can be shorter, and some longer. Healing takes a different path with each person. Again, improvement should be seen within a few weeks but for the changes to become more permanent in the body the process must continue for longer.

It is important to keep in mind that Dr. Johnson is one part of the health care community. His recommendations are meant to work in tandem with those of your other health care providers - whether "alternative" or conventional.

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